Live visuals for Vladislav Delay by poemproducer AGF

macro-insights, extreme pigmentation, water motion, distortion of the natural, delicate, speed, contorted

preparations for Rotterdam 25 Jan 2014 @worm_rotterdam, testing MIRA on iPad, working quite well at home, lets see

Thinking about Vladislav Delay's music, which I listen to for more than 15 years brought first colors to my mind. I was thinking of monochrome paintings such as Yves Klein's or Gerhard Richter's. But with the recent years material investigating some high speed techno, I needed movement. Some hectic, speedy, dynamic action.

I started to film things which move around us. From waterfalls, to Shinkansen to ants on their hills, I made tiny video loops out of those movements.

(Vladislav Delay, live, Braga, Portugal on 4th of October 2012)

(Vladislav Delay, live, Moscow, Russia on 14th of September 2013)

While developing a MAX patch for visualization of my own music and calligraphy with and the Berlin code artist Lars Ullrich, I started to feed those loops into the program and gained these interesting patterns. This video is not a music video rather a preview of a live visualization while the musical impulse, speed, volume and dynamic influences the projection. This video is only a demonstration of this possibility.

Photo by Camille Blake @Atonal Berlin 2013

Vladislav Delay Ripatti #5 (edit) 2013 - filmed live projection in a dark club in Ljubljana

screenshots taken from live visual material

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Vladislav Delay
max patch by Lars Ullrich
inspiration from Sue.C